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We Fixed Internet Marketing

Yup! You read that right.

We decided that the old model of web design and internet marketing just was not working for the average small to medium business out on the street. I mean, lets face it……. it’s a nightmare for small business owners who want to succeed, and are trying to figure out everything on their own. It’s IMPOSSIBLE.  There is too much and just when you start to figure out one small part, everything changes.

Having to pay thousands of dollars upfront for a website and then thousands more every month for SEO……. and then have to wait months and months for the organic listings to take hold is just not do-able for most businesses. You have too many things on your plate trying to grow your business everyday, pay your bills, keep the lights on and make payroll.

We realized that something had to change! So we sat down and came up with a new plan that would work and help. An internet marketing plan that is affordable, simple and at the same time, give your business  a website that you can be proud of, One where you won’t worry if it is keeping up with the dozens of changes a year that go on in internet marketing. Or worse, scarring customers and clients away because it’s so dated that on the odd chance it was found, your potential customer or client just clicks away. (Sound Familiar?)

So we fixed it.  Here’s is what we cam up with:

You Get All Of The Following

  • New Website

    A BEAUTIFUL new website built for your business that you can be proud of!

  • Hosting

    Your site has 99% up-time. Never worry about it being down and loosing business.

  • Upddates

    Internet marketing moves too fast to not have your site up to date and working.

  • Display

    The latest design on your website so that it is visible on any device. Desktop, tablet or phone.

  • SEO

    On and off page SEO built into your site to begin with to allow you to grow.

  • Maintenance

    Your site works perfectly all the time and changes can happen fast at no extra expense.

  • Social Media

    Integration with all your social media accounts that we build out for you.

  • E-Commerce Platform

    We build a platform into your site so you can sell products right away.

All of it interlinked and working together flawlessly for your business the way it is supposed to.

Your Beautiful New Website

Mobile – Desktop – Tablet
$249.00 a month

PLUS: Up to 3 local phone numbers:

We help you use these phone numbers to track any and all of your business advertising.  So you will know exactly what type of ROI it is receiving and if it is worth continuing. 

All phone numbers come with their own recordings. You will be able to hear how your employees are answering the phone and dealing with your clients and customers. Running a new Print ad? Radio or TV spots?  Know exactly how many calls it really received.

Now all your marketing can be tracked and evaluated.  No more guessing if something is working or not.

All of this for one low monthly price!

Why? Because we want to be your local internet marketing company so that you can feel like you have your own I.T. Department, just like the big guys. Give us a call today and lets get you started with a new website and SEO services.

We will make your phone ring with new customers and clients!

Reccomended Add-ons for Small to Medium Businesses

Security Services

Add Extra Security to your site with a SSL Certificate - $9.99 mo

Maps 3 Pack

Increase your visibility, by ranking in 3 pack- more local customers. - $149 month.

Pay Per Call Adv

Want to run ads on Facebook or Google? We will manage all that starting $199/mo.

Have A Member Of Our Team Discuss Your Project With You Today…

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